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Shouts · of · Joy

I've never made a post from Colorado before, have I?…

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I've never made a post from Colorado before, have I?

     I was ready to go at 7 this morning, and delighted that my luggage only weighed 41-44 pounds (depending upon which scale) of the 50 pound limit. Means I have spare space for goodies and souvenirs, right?

     First flight from the Twin Cities to Denver Colorado went nice and smooth and landed a good 10 minutes or more early.

     I like this section of the Denver Airport because it's got Hope's Cookies, where I can buy a delicious muffin for lunch and leave lots of space for my mom's wonderful cooking tonight. =)

     I also like Denver because it's got free WiFi (if I put up with the commercial bar on top) so I can post here!

     Can't forget--it's August, yet Denver is running hotter these days than Sacramento...unbelievable, and I'll take it! (90 F/32 C here, and not yet noon)
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Denver airport, Colorado
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