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     It got cool enough this morning (below 50 F/11 C) that I could actually see my breath! Had to spend some time huffing and puffing and feeling quite delighted. Autumn is coming!

     A sweet surprise from my coworker Dawn--she made me some Sweet Martha's cookies, since she knew I missed not getting to the State Fair this year. (And it once was my tradition to buy some and bring them in to share each year.) What a delightful surprise!

     My employer had a one-day fundraiser with the Arby's located inside the building I work at, where 15-20% of purchases would go for the United Way. So I got potato cakes as my breakfast, and then for afternoon break I got mozzarella sticks to celebrate the short story I wrote...couldn't pass up that excuse, now could I? ;)
Tags: job: coworkers, mozzerella sticks
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