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Joelle Duran

Flashback: Aug 23, 2010
This was the day that took us from Chester, California, through Lassen Volcanic and up across the Oregon boarder to Crater Lake.

     It was a beautiful, sunny day, and on our drive through Lassen Volcanic National Park, we stopped to take the walk to Bumpass' Hell (so named for an unfortunate man who found the area, hoped to profit from it, and lost his leg instead). It was fun finding a golden-mantled ground squirrel who wouldn't get off his boulder as we passed by, and neat to see the fumaroles and hot springs in Bumpass' Hell--like revisiting a piece of Yellowstone, only with better weather.

     Got stuck waiting for a flagman further along the park road--only the first of too many such incidents on this trip! Then north, and the drive for the next few hours was a real treat. Not only did I get to see the first of what would likely be hundreds of 'log trucks' hauling logs of an astounding girth to my Minnesotan eyes, but there were teasing glimpses of Mount Shasta to be had from a startling distance away.

     I fell in love. Missed the chance to get a shot while the road through the pine forest was pointed straight at the mountain (no pullouts when you need 'em!), but I made up for it later on.
Got a shot from the south
Then a shot from the west, after buying a postcard with a similar shot and hunting down the lake it was taken from
Then a shot from the north, as I put Mt Shasta behind me and headed for the Oregon border.
Proof that I've fallen in love can be found in the fact that I've located a nifty Mount Shasta webcam to ogle, and that the Mt Shasta area and wanting to go back has already starred in a recent nightmare. ;P

     Due to swarms of insects plastering the car near Klamath Lake (it really sounded like rain, it was so bad), and getting caught by another flagman (poor fellow was doing a dance at twilight and being devoured in front of us) the last hours of travel were less fun. Wiper fluid did nothing to remove the bugs! We got into Crater Lake National Park quite late, fumbling blindly by memory of the online maps I'd looked at to locate the lodge. Didn't see the lake this day, but the nearly-full moon over the cliffs was a beautiful sight.

     Still, have to mention my first amused observations about Oregon. No sales tax, which we would relish once we started purchasing. No self-serve gas either--full service was mandatory by law, which is just weird to me. (But even so, gas was quite a bit cheaper than in California!) And the succinctness of Oregon road signs had me grinning the whole time there. Every other state I can recall visiting says: 'Speed Limit XX' but Oregon just says 'Speed XX'. And instead of 'Falling/Fallen Rock' or a picture, their signs just say 'Rocks' and 'Slides.' I really wanted to get a photo of the 'Rocks' ones, but of course they don't make pullouts in dangerous rockslide areas!
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