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A mish-mash of recent goodies:

     I was regaled by an incredible sunrise back on Thursday morning. Glad it lasted long enough for me to get dressed and out to take photos, and even a little movie, as the colors were everywhere. What a treat!

     Glad and relieved to be done with the inside story illustration for 'In The Pit.' Hopefully I won't have to do another picture so emotionally grueling in...years.

     Found an interesting survey about trends in being published that a few readers with such goals might find encouraging or illuminating--assuming they haven't already seen it!

     Best of all, with a lot of hair-pulling and being 'stuck' at first, I finally got rolling with 'Delarun' section 5. Now that I'm finally moving, I'm having a blast, and really looking forward to getting the first two chapters completed. =)
Tags: art, delarun, in the pit, skyscapes

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