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Recent delights:

     Lunch with Christi Wednesday for the first time in quite a while--looks like the end of April was the last time we met up. Of course it went too fast, but I'll be seeing her again pretty soon.

     My writing in 'Delarun' a couple nights this week has gotten me to the 50,000 word mark! Always feels like a novel is really getting somewhere when it hits 50k!

     Red Cross blood drive came to my company this week, and today I succeeded with my third whole blood donation of the year, to reach my 2010 goal, hurrah!

     Last but not least, found out that Jimmy John's was having a customer appreciation day today--8" subs for $1! So Dawn and I headed over at 1:30 pm to avoid the lunch crush, and got ourselves a tasty dinner for a wonderful price. I love their veggie subs! =D
Tags: delarun, donations, jimmy john's
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