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A very good weekend, but I'll just mention two things here:

     Glad, after waiting half a month, to FINALLY get the trip expense totals from my mom. So Sunday I could spend hours catching up with the last month's-worth of expenses and start making plans with all the stuff coming up. Sure feels good to not be in 'limbo' anymore! Great stress reliever that might help with the next subject, too.

     I'm also grateful for the 'warning shot across the bow' in the form of ridiculous oversleeping on Sunday morning. Because that made me realize that I had more than the one depression symptom I'd noticed a few days back, I actually had three. Thank God for that blessing--better to be aware of what's going on than drift downward obliviously. And so far the symptoms are more matching 'atypical' depression rather than major depression, and might just be a worsening of the ongoing 'dysthymia' or low-level depression I've had since 1992. Grateful for the internet as well, to refresh my memory of all this!
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