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Recent good stuff:

     Monday was Michelle's first day back after her maternity leave, so a bunch of us chipped in for bagels to celebrate. Delicious--it's been too long!

     I was blessed by a surprise package in my mailbox yesterday. Quite baffled until I opened it and read the was from somebody on the Windstone Forum who'd wanted to surprise me with something in return for the bookmarks I gave out on my birthday. So sweet of her--and the timing was a real blessing too! (And before my mom asks what it was: a simple necklace with a pendant that reminds me of a betta fish--brings back good memories of my bettas.)

     Also very happy that on Monday evening I finished chapter 2 of 'Delarun' section 5. Just one day later than I'd hoped, and now I can focus on polishing things up and shifting gears to get back into book 5...
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