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Shouts · of · Joy

Thank God payday Friday is nearly here!…

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Thank God payday Friday is nearly here!

     Good event on Wednesday: I got the holiday vacation days I wanted so I can visit family over Christmas. My new boss was kind enough to give that week up to me and Greg (who always has hockey tournaments then) even though he usually takes it off himself. He rocks!

     I'm grateful for the foresight to take today off, so that I could be up bailing last night at need without having to worry about getting up for work, and bailing for hours today as well, and not have to call in because of flooding and spoil nearly 4.5 years of perfect attendance. (I really want to reach 5 years...)

     And yes, I'm grateful I didn't get the 8+ inches (over 20 cm) of the poor people to the south of us, though relocating to someplace like Nevada is sounding REAL appealing around now.

     I can't help but be amused by the timing. Before finishing book 4, I used to celebrate Council meeting days (too painful now after book 4) and I'd often take them off work if I could. Well, Thursday, September 23 happens to be a Great Council meeting day, because of the juxtaposition of the full moon and the autumnal equinox. Though I had no intention of taking it off, events conspired otherwise. Just an amusing coincidence.
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