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It was a nice weekend, especially Sunday, which did not have a drop of rain and brought the mysterious substance known as 'sunlight' back to my sodden state. (Just found out every single highway that goes to my alma mater is closed by flooding! Dey is besieged!)

     Saturday morning I headed out to see 'Legend of the Guardians' which I've been eagerly awaiting the last few months. Though the movie has definite flaws, I had a complete blast, my inner 11-year-old was on cloud nine, and I'm hoping to make it back out to see it again. Not only was the movie a treat, but I also got to enjoy 3d trailers for Harry Potter 7a and 'Dawn Treader,' which I'm also looking forward to seeing.

     And Sunday was golden because I got rolling with book 5 again, and finished chapter 18. Feels great to be back at it! Not only that, but Geren & t'DoL are now also extremely sick of rain, storms, and water, so I've got lots of camaraderie going on around here. ;D
Tags: book 5: writing, movies

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