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Quite a full day!

     Headed out at 8 to a State Park I hadn't visited before (though my mom might inform me I was there as a 6-year-old or something ;) which was Interstate, just a little north of William O'Brian, which is a favorite of mine for visits. Took an hour to drive up, and then I got myself a year pass for the state parks, good from October 2010 through October 2011 (love doing this because then I get two autumns out of one purchase--my last pass expired October 2009). I went there because I wanted to head north before all the color is gone up there, and the State DNR page reported the park was at peak color. It sure was beautiful up there!

     So, Interstate State Park was quite beautiful, but as it was a small park with only 3.5 miles (5.6 km) of trails, once I walked them all, I headed on northward to the next state park. That was Wild River, also located on the St Croix with Wisconsin on the other side...and that park is as huge as Interstate is small! Wild River has 35 miles/56 km of trails, but I only got to cover a little over 3 miles/4.8 km, because by the time it hit noon, it was too warm for me to be enjoying myself much--thanks to two days in a row of record-breaking high temps. Still, it was a nice workout, gorgeous drive, and very beautiful views.

     Can't forget the delight of stopping for a Jimmy John's veggie sub in Forest Lake on the way back home, and finding the place easily. Perfect treat for such a hot day.

     Last but not least, treated myself to a second viewing of 'Legend of the Guardians' at the movie theater this afternoon (in 2d this time). Hope it stays around long enough for a third time!

(For those interested, I uploaded photos from my outing today. But believe me, they don't do it justice!)
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