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Most of all right now, I'm grateful for the good news today, and that things are so much better than they easily could have been. Found out last night that Mary had a heart attack on the weekend, or that's what Wednesday's EKG points at. She went in and got an angiogram done today, and thank God won't need stents or an angioplasty and her heart is in good shape despite what happened. I'm very, very grateful that I get to have another Thanksgiving with her and her husband and family next month. Thank you, God!

     On the sheerly trivial and frivolous side of things, lots of fun with United Way fundraisers the last two days. Me and four coworkers hit up a bake sale Wednesday, and then today, there was $5 for a plate of assorted homemade goodies deal that was simply fabulous. Soooo delicious! Like a little bit of Christmas early. ;)
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