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Nice day...

     Got some more file remakes done for Poser Friday evening, so now all that's left is stuff that requires money to replace, and stuff I may not be able to remake (which would mean I can never use my Trapper Arun, Copper, Llao, etc figures again). Very glad to be getting so close to this finish line!

     Went out this morning to see 'Legend of the Guardians' for the third time at the theater, and enjoyed myself immensely. I now have this insane urge to watch the movie in slow-motion when it comes out on dvd so I can savor every frame of gorgeous wings eye-candy overload... =D

     This evening was a treat--Christi took me out for a (rather belated) birthday meal, and we had a good time. Met up at the Green Mill in Hudson (haven't been to one in years) and I had the butternut squash ravioli with asparagus. YUM! And I have leftovers for tomorrow. Yum! And Christi gave me some spaghetti sauce she made--yum again!
Tags: art, green mill, movies
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