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Glad for a very nice weekend!

     Made some great progress with an illustration for 'Resurrection' this weekend.

     Also some good progress with chapter 3 of 'Delarun' section 5 today, breaking free of my mini-block due to being too busy and distracted during the workweek. Up to the last scene, so I just might finish that monstrosity yet!

     This post marks my 900th in this journal, so of course I had to again celebrate with a (mushy, fuzzy) picture:

Will you eat my flower please?

     Finally, as the day I utterly hate is fast approaching, I'm getting offline until sometime in the wonderful month of November. One of my favorite months with two of my favorite days: Thanksgiving and t'DoL's birthday. Can't wait! =D
Tags: art, delarun, resurrection, soj

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