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Hurrah for a payday Friday!

     A treat yesterday on the bus home--an adult bald eagle just lazily soaring in circles over the river valley, in no hurry to go anywhere. Such a treat--and seeing so many in the fall when I didn't see any this spring.

     Which reminded me of something I meant to post here for Oct 17 and forgot. On my drive down the Wisconsin side, where the road was in farmland a little further from the river, I saw something wonderful. A leafless spreading tree--perhaps an oak stripped by the wind. Sitting in the top was a big bald eagle, and sitting in all the branches from the middle on downward were dozens of black birds (at 55 mph I couldn't tell if they were crows or just blackbirds, anything looks tiny next to an eagle!). The whole thing seemed like some really neat sort of decoration, and I sure wish I'd gotten a photo!

     And a surprise treat this morning finding out that the founder of Elfwood left a comment on my Mod's Choice picture I put up over there a couple years ago. =)
Tags: birds: eagles, elfwood
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