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Shouts · of · Joy

What a bunch of pleasant surprises on Friday!…

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What a bunch of pleasant surprises on Friday!

     But first I'll start with something different. Posted a while back about finishing the in-the-lab portion of Windows 7 testing for my area, so what I've been moving toward are the two remaining things that have to be tested in our department. Got that going on Thursday...can anyone say 'crash and burn'? The everything-going-wrong has been so pronounced that I'm finding it just hilarious and am laughing my way along as one thing happens after another. After all, this is only preliminary testing--no point getting excited since I have final testing to do next year anyway. But what a comedy of errors on Thursday and Friday!

     Then there were the treats: been doing some data entry for Eva, so she came up with a container of chocolates from Italy, as thanks for my help now...and stretching out from now until next February. They're so delicious I only brought a few home lest I gain 5 pounds!

     Then Dawn showed up after lunch with a bag of three-way popcorn for me--as thanks for helping her research a replacement for her monitor at home that broke recently. So sweet of her!

     Can't forget the delicious fresh-baked breadsticks Shelley gave me mid-afternoon (when D Brian's Deli sells off the extras at a super-cheap price instead of throwing them out before the weekend). I was good, and didn't eat them all at work, either!
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On November 12th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
All those treats in one day. Lucky duck.
Are you planning to share your chocolate and a bring some with you on your christmas visit? Hint Hint.
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On November 12th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
The chocolate is long gone! I put most of it in a bowl for the coworkers so I wouldn't eat it all. I think half of it went to Dawn's boyfriend!

And apparently those yummy fresh breadsticks are free, if you get there right at closing. Sarin gave me some twice this week!
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