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A pretty nice weekend:

     It was so great to reach the finish line this morning, after a Vue render that took 6 days, 14 hours, and 53 minutes. Feels very good to have that project done, too! A little depressing that all that time was to render 2 SECONDS (not minutes) of animation footage...which makes me the more grateful that I'm preparing to buy a less obsolete computer next year!

     Today was my long-procrastinated drag-out-the-winter-clothes/put-away-summer-clothes big laundry binge day. And that made Shado happy, because he got to play with one of his favorite toys: the stairs by the laundry room. Too bad I couldn't get footage of him galloping up and down sounding rather like a horse, or rolling around hugging the steps!

     Best of all, after struggling with procrastination and being unfocused and/or uninspired Friday and all day Saturday, finally got rolling with the last chapter of 'Delarun' section 5 today, and made some fantastic progress. Sure hope I can finish it this week!
Tags: art, delarun, pets: shado, photos
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