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A hodge-podge of delights:

     No writing Monday evening because I had to do my food shopping, and hopefully get enough to see me through three weeks. But they had a coupon for 'brownie cookies' at Cub, so I had to get some and bring them to work. Good thing I shared! They were delicious, and I hate to think how many I'd have eaten by now, had I kept them all to myself!

     Lots of fun at work this morning, what with getting a long-anticipated new piece of equipment (a cool $8,000 price tag), the obligatory computer issues trying to get it set up, and the fun of the vendors training us on it. It was also fun to show them some of the other obsolete antiques kicking about in my area, and 'talk shop' with them, since there's not many people I know who know much about micrographics!

     Any day is a blessed day in which I get to add a new story to my 'What's cooking...' page. Delighted to have another 'Delarun' spin-off tale pop into my head recently, and be solid enough as of yesterday to add to that list. I hope to have a handful of 'Delarun' spin-offs down the road, and this one will make a great (rather sad) foil for 'Resurrection.'
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