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Two milestones today:

     Finished reading my 100th book of 2010 today. Sure makes a difference in the count when I have a few Young Adult novels in there, instead of solely 400-600 page doorstops all the time!

     This week was a challenge for writing, because I got rolling Sunday, had shopping Monday evening, managed some more Tuesday, couldn't do any with women's group Wednesday, but despite that, I got moving again tonight...AND I FINISHED DELARUN SECTION 5!!1!!! I'm so happy about that. I gets to treat myself to a movie this weekend and junk food and enjoy that there's only one section (and epilogue) left for the novel! Plenty of editing needed for section 5 of course, but for this weekend it will be celebrating and gearing up to get back into book 5 again. =D
Tags: book 5: other, books, delarun
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