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Just a wonderful weekend:

     Quite funny, on t'DoL's birthday, just how often I forgot it was a Saturday, because it so felt like a holiday to me, outside the normal week. Delightful.

     Lots of good progress on the art front, even if I didn't get this new Defender flying avatar completely made on his birthday. The bigger project I've been working on over the last week is coming along nicely too--and it finally quit fighting me today (I hope).

     Great progress with book 5 as well. I wasn't going to let myself write until my list of revisions/small expansions had been attended to, and I got all of them done on t'DoL's birthday and Sunday morning, as well as rereading the entire book-so-far over the past week.

     And Sunday evening I got back into book 5 writing, hurrah! It is just GREAT that I have free worknights this week, AND Thanksgiving coming, AND a three day weekend beyond that. Here's hoping I can make the most of it!
Tags: avatars, beloved, book 5: other, book 5: writing
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