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Thanksgiving was wonderful:

     I'm grateful I got my Thanksgiving post done on time; it was fun writing about 'Fulfilled Dreams' Wednesday evening and tracking down my old high school planners to figure out when certain things happened.

     Glad I might actually be on the tail end of patch renders for my current art project, and that I got a little book 5 writing done on Thanksgiving Day as well.

     Glad the weather isn't too bad for having to drive into work today (no busing). And for good travel yesterday as well, despite the small storm Wednesday evening.

     Most of all, I'm exceedingly grateful for the HUGE blessing of having the Towners in my life, and getting to go to their place each Thanksgiving, probably the only precious tradition that hasn't ended in the past few years; one little-changed event from childhood, and therefore all the more dear. And I'm so happy they're retiring at the end of this year!
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