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Friday's coming...

     I was quite disappointed Monday when I drove up to Maplewood after my doctor's appointment to go to the Half-Price bookstore...and found it empty and abandoned. So I was very delighted today when I checked it out online and found they had simply moved (and I probably drove past it twice, hah hah!). I'll be back in 2011!

     I'm running behind this month, and haven't started decorating for Christmas yet, but at least I got my first week of Advent image up on my bio page. It will be fun to use all five images this year since I only got the idea to make them halfway through Advent in 2009.

     Also on the 'behind' theme, since my calendar illustration project ended up devouring nearly a week longer than I'd expected, I completely lost track of time and forgot I needed a new winter sidebar image for right here! So I'm glad I had an idea floating around from earlier, and managed to cram it in by December 2nd--not too terribly late! And it cooperated and only crashed once, which I quite appreciate!
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