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Friday tomorrow...I'm gonna make it... (Amazing how fast one gets spoiled after just two 4-day workweeks!)

     After having a morning in the single digits on Wednesday, and a deep freeze forecasted to start Sunday, I once again renew my gratitude for the thermal undies my mom gave me. Make a HUGE difference, believe me!

     The women's church group I've been attending since October sometime, meeting at different houses, had a delightful destination on Wednesday--the apartments I lived in from the age of 3 to just-turning-11. It was really neat and strange to be back in one again, and it was the building just south of the one I lived in. Got to hand out a bunch of my bookmarks to them, as well.

     A treat in the form of Jumbo Snow at work this morning, though it only lasted 15-20 minutes or so (and some of those clusters were over an inch, too!). So gorgeous...just wanted to stand at the window and stare (but had to at least pretend to be working, so I did a bit of sitting at my desk facing the wrong way and staring too! ;)

     And finally got the monthly/preliminary year-end reports done, one day before the deadline, yay! Also got Cost Center reports done four days before the deadline. Sure feels good!
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