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Wow, what a weekend!

     Barely got out of the parking lot with all the ruts and heaps of snow, even though they'd tried to clear it out--but I made it to church! And I just keep laughing over the fact that the Metrodome roof collapsed because of all the snow. Definitely a storm to remember--pity it came on a weekend, because that was probably my best chance ever of getting a snow-day from work. ;)

     It was also a nice weekend on the writing front. Not only did I finish chapter 23 of book 5 and get going on chapter 24, but I've currently reached 140,900 words for 2010, which puts me over 2,000 words past the (old) second-place total. YEEHAW! =D I might get another scene written in the next day or so, but then I have to stop until 2011 because A) I'm getting to a 'stuck' point, and B) I need to start getting ready for my trip! So I'm also grateful about the timing for all this as well--worked out great.
Tags: book 5: writing, snow
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