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     Second time was the charm for getting my prescription, after driving over there Friday night to learn they'd never received the fax from my doctor. Very glad the second fax on Monday got through fine!

     Been having fun with the cold lately. It was -5 F/-20 C for my walk to the bus stop the last two mornings, and then standing around waiting for it, as of course it's running late. But not as bad as it could have been--not much wind, which makes a big difference indeed. What's amusing is how my heat can't keep up during these cold was down to 54 F/12 C in my apartment this morning when I got up (and I keep it set at 61 F/16 C). Glad I planned ahead and wore extra layers and keep an extra blanket to hand! This winter is so wonderful...and like my pastor said, not even started yet! =D

     Lots of celebrating to do this week for my delightful accomplishment with 2010 word totals (did my last bit of book 5 writing for the year Monday evening). Broke out the chips and guacamole, and got myself some Arby's mozzarella sticks at lunch, and with a coupon, no less! (And wound up in line right behind fellow Administrator Greg, so had plenty of time to hear his horror story from the weekend.) Got another coupon too, heh heh, and onion rings and deep-fried cheese curds waiting in my freezer...
Tags: book 5: writing, mozzerella sticks, onion rings
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