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Giveaway Time!

Now, it's coming up on Christmas, which means I'm far too broke for a bigger giveaway like at my birthday. (And $475 plane tickets don't help ;) But I couldn't pass up the chance to do something.

     The last couple years I've gotten a yearly single-page calendar from CafePress, because it comes in really handy at work to see the whole year at a glance. So this year I decided to order a pair of extras.

     The illustration is from chapter 20 of my fifth Geren book, but there's nothing overtly fantasy about it. My apologies for the glare of the flash.

     So if you have a use for a calendar like this, and you'd like to have one, feel free to comment below to get in on my drawing (assuming there's enough interest to have a drawing!). I'll probably pull the winners around Christmas Eve, and mail them out/give them out while I'm in California.

     That's all, folks!
Tags: art, book 5: other, giveaway
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