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Recent delights:

     In getting out for a movie Saturday, I found the gas station there was 12 cents/gallon cheaper than the one near me--yay!

     At church Sunday, they did a performance of 'Good King Wenceslas' that I instantly fell in love with. I'm very glad they put the info up on their website, so I could buy me the MP3. (Not the kind of Christmas carol I'd expect to hear at church, but I think they were venting over the great blizzard of the prior weekend!)

     Delighted to get sacked with another (comparatively minor) snowstorm today. It was even more fun, as we had a technician up from Virginia for maintenance on the fiche scanners. He got quite an eyeful of our 'snow-mountains' piled everywhere, marveled over seeing his first big snowblower with a canopy (so the user can stay dry and shielded from the wind), and goggled at the snow coming down all afternoon which was too small and fine to even get us locals to really look out the windows! I've a feeling he'll have a few tales to tell on his return home!

     I WANT TO MOVE TO GETHEN NOT GO TO RAINY CALIFORNIA...but at least I'm not feeling as 'behind' with getting ready as I did a day ago. 24 hours before I leave!

     It is such a neat thing to have a full moon fall on Midwinter's Day/winter solstice, and then even more incredible to have it be the occasion for a complete lunar eclipse! Alas for the clouds, I won't get to see it, but my aunt in Florida told me she had a wonderful view of the rising full moon--I hope she gets to enjoy it!
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