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Joelle Duran

It has been a couple of nice days, and I'm bound to leave something out...

     My mom and I went to Fremont Presbyterian Church for their 9 pm Christmas Eve service, to check out the pipe organ they got a few months prior. The church and the decorations were exquisite, and the organ was a real treat...getting to hear a pipe organ regularly is one thing I quite miss from my college days.

     Can't forget my family's traditional Christmas Eve 'picnic' while watching the animated The Grinch. My mom added mozzarella sticks to the fare this year, too! It was also a blessing to have nice weather Christmas Eve, and get to take Abby for a walk in the nearby rich neighborhood.

     Lots of gift-wrapping Christmas Day, then got to go over to my brother and sister-in-laws with a ton of gifts that had to be hustled in through the downpour, to spoil their kids rotten ;) And a great meal as well, including my mom's homemade egg nog and church windows, pie from Apple Hill...just far too many treat options after already being wonderfully stuffed!

     Today was church, then going out to see Dawn Treader, the second time for me, and I enjoyed it more. And for to Santa Barbara, and hopefully a visit to Solvang on the way as well!
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