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Today's gratitudes:

     It has been wonderful having the lentil soup my mom made to send home with me today and yesterday. Delicious, and saves fumbling around in the kitchen having to make stuff!

     An unexpected and pleasant surprise--since I wouldn't let myself read on the bus due to my eye issues, I just sat and thought...and came up with an idea of how to couch the pov of the Copper-novella, which was the one thing really holding me up from writing it. Of course, I'm not letting that big-mouth take the stage until I'm finished with book 5, or he might never let me stop! ;)

     It was touching and encouraging when my coworker Shelley offered to keep doing one of the tasks she had to do for me while I was gone, so I could focus on these all-too-vital year-end reports. She more than understands; her experience with severe vertigo decades ago was a LOT more scary than mine.

     Very pleased that I made it all the way until 2:30 at work today before my eyes gave up and I started seeing double and had to finish the day mostly working with one eye closed. Now it's just Friday to get through, and then a weekend!
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