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Okay, here is my catch-up trip-within-a-trip post. I'm afraid I won't be rambling on about the highlights of each day as I have for trips in the past--all I have to do is think about Cambria, or coming into Monterey and going to the wrong Super 8, and I feel that vertigo-induced nausea all over again.

So here is a link to the photos I've uploaded.

And I'll sum it up with a list of things I enjoyed; the first two days were wonderful, after all!

*It was a real treat to take a trip that brought me back to two of my five favorite towns I've ever been to: Solvang and Carmel-by-the-sea. Loved it!

*It was a blessing to be graced with both a wonderful sunrise from Butterfly Beach in Montecito, and a fantastic sunset from the harbor in downtown Santa Barbara--and both in the same day!

*Great food in Solvang, and State Street in Santa Barbara (and Pacific Grove as well, but at that point my stomach was beyond enjoying anything--at least my mom savored my leftovers!)

*Great shopping all around: Solvang, State Street, Carmel.

*Neat tours of the Santa Barbara Mission, and the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

*Getting to see an olive tree in Solvang dropping black olives all over the sidewalk...olives have been on my brain with book 5 writing...and so has the ocean, it's always a treat to see a great deal of the sea as well.
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