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Recent delights:

     Very kind of the Towners to drive me to the post office Saturday so I could pick up over two weeks worth of mail, and mail a package. (Beth, I finally got your card!)

     Fun to manage a little creative output over the weekend by making three new avatars derived from videos I took on my trip.

     On Saturday, in the middle of my dinner whilst browsing the internet, I was 'assaulted' by my muse, and fairly dragged into writing the beginning of 'Tilnon' though I hadn't planned to do any writing that day. Quite amusing! Hopefully I'll have time/focus for more progress soon.

     Nice to have lunch with Christi today for the first time in quite a while, and get a delightful belated Christmas gift as well. (Moravian star--eee!)

     And my eyes were strong enough that I could resume reading on the bus rides today. Hurrah--because I sure have a lot of magazine reading to catch up with!

     So it got started a week later than my original intent, but I'm happy to be rolling with answering '29 days of writing' over at shout_of_joy. That will give me something to work on in these last 6 or so weeks before my 18th anniversary. =)
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