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Monday morning gratitudes:

     My gratitude for busing to work is currently renewed. I did manage to drive to church Sunday, and do a desperately-needed food shopping run afterward, but the driving was a lot of strain on my eyes. Glad I don't have to do it daily right now!

     On the way to church, spotted a makeshift cardboard sign near someone's driveway that said "Free: unassambled snowmen." Looks like even the backwoods locals have had enough of all the snow this winter! =D

     After not getting anything done Saturday save lots of cleaning/housework and rewatching too many 'House' episodes, I was very grateful to get a shred of creative energy Sunday, sit down to write, and NOT have things start spinning like happened Saturday. Hurrah for a little progress!

     Also grateful for a swift answer to prayer: got airfare to visit my aunt in Florida this March, and got it for less than $200! Best of all, got it timed so that I leave Florida just 15 minutes after my mom--it's a challenge, coordinating flights! Thank you, God!
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