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Looking for comfort in dealing with this writer's block that feels like it might be yesterday I made a chart of my writing over the last seven years and pinned down the gaps over one month in length.

     And tonight's work was revisiting my old journals to track down what was happening during those (non-summertime) blocked periods.

     Haven't exactly found comfort, though at least I know I have over a month yet to go before I set the (non-summertime) record.


     I have taken a brief jaunt down memory lane and amused myself in the process. Little tidbits like this:


from Thurs, Mar 4, 2003
...Spend [sic] a while adding enemy fatality numbers I'd hashed out at lunch yesterday to my pops.doc. Afterwards, realized that I had made a ghastly, glaring blunder (told myself: "I might as well go beat my head against the wall for a few minutes, as it obviously won't do any damage!") and had to change parts of "The Shado" chapter...


     *chuckles* Ah, it's fun to insult myself in my personal journal. I should do it more often!
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