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It was almost a treat that it was -6 F/-21 C this morning at 9 am and my car refused to start. No church for me...and I got almost everything I wanted done this weekend, which almost never happens!

     On the editing and minor revisions front, I got done what I wanted with 'Tilnon,' 'Delarun' section 5, and book 5 chapter 19--so all my book 5 revisions are done, until I write more.

     On the art front, made fabulous progress with my in-story illustration for 'Tilnon.' Found one thing I wanted free online, and manage to cobble together tolerable substitutes for a couple others. Tonight I get to kick off the first of the high-quality final renders, yay!

     And on the writing front, since I got the editing I wanted done, I let myself start in on writing 'The Courage of Tarlah' this evening. I'm amused...this will be my second 'Delarun' spin-off story, and yesterday I got ideas for two more! See how long it takes for either of them to reach 'fit for Portal Page' status.
Tags: delarun, tarlah, trial
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