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Today was the day I got up to question 17 with my '29 Days of writing' posts at shout_of_joy, which I have been anticipating for months! =D So since I got to have such fun over there this morning, I figured I'd follow it up by having some mushy fun here as well:

     I so love the lightweight, plush grey, lovely gloves my mom picked out for me a few winters past. They're gorgeous, and I haven't lost them yet either.

     I'm so enjoying the delicious spaghetti and meatballs my mom made and sent home with me. Best stuff in the world!

     I love the charcoal-grey felt-like blanket I bought in Grand Marais some years ago. Not only is it a lovely reminder of a favorite place, but it helps as a second blanket on the colder winter nights, and is perfect for me in the summer.

     I love the t'DoL-wing pillow Shanra made, love hugging it twice a day, venting a few glomping urges.

     Dawn brought in the Girl Scout cookies preorder information. Hurrah! They're such a treat in the late winter months.

     I love Netflix!

     And I'm excited about the black fuzzy monster slippers I spotted for sale at the Windstone Forum. They haven't arrived yet, but I'm anticipating putting them on and stomping around pretending I have avarii feetses...all right, Shado feetses, then! ;D

     I'm sure I left out 247 other things, but that'll do for now!
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