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Today's drive to church was gorgeous. Ahead was the sun, in a mostly clear sky a pale egg-shell blue. All around snow was falling, a decent size though not quite jumbo flakes. Behind in the west a low bank of cloud with a curved edge, like someone had spread out pizza dough. Incredible that the snow was carried for miles by the wind ahead of that cloud. It glimmered like crushed crystal where it gathered.

     Another very pleasing weekend. Delighted to get the final verbal edits I needed done for both 'Tilnon' and 'Delarun' section 5. It's always a wonderful day when I get to put up a new story on my Portal Page and remove it from 'What's cooking...'. Stir things up, since I haven't added a new story since 'Resurrection' in November and 'In the Pit' in October.

     Also pleased to be making small but steady progress with 'Tarlah.' Though it's choking me up, poor girl! Been doing lots of preliminary work making her figure in Poser and Vue, so it won't take me long to do the story illustration once I actually write the bit I want to illustrate. Feels a little funny to be 'ahead' that way!
Tags: delarun, skyscapes, tarlah, trial
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