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I'm so glad for a weekend!

     First and foremost, just finished writing 'The Courage of Tarlah'! YAY! Though it certainly needs editing, it sure feels great, especially after all the balking on me it did this morning.

     A double treat today, because I finally got around to seeing Inception. What a movie! Pity it's on the long side or I'd be tempted to watch it again tomorrow...just might anyway...

     On a different note, as my vertigo symptoms worsened this last workweek, my doctor is having me go get a head MRI to see if they can spot anything from that. (Scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon.) So now I'm glad that...I get to see if it's really like on 'House,' hah hah! On a more serious note, it makes me even more grateful I work for a great company with good health insurance, as too many folks don't have that nowadays. And I'm also grateful it came up after I did most of my celebration purchases for my 18th anniversary, as I might feel guilty about such spending after another set of medical bills hit me!
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