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Today's goodies:

     Free lunch! In return for filling out an annual health survey, I got a coupon for a free lunch entree at my employer's cafeteria. So today I had vegetable and black bean enchiladas with cilantro lime rice for lunch, and it was good! Amusing too, as I've worked there 13 years now and this is my first time actually getting some cafeteria food!

     Dawn is a sweetie, today she wore the blue-grey striped sweater of hers I really liked, just to cheer me up after my MRI, I guess!

     Made it almost to noon before I started feeling any vertigo/eyestrain, so nice to have a few good, untroubled hours!

     And the best for last: came home to find a message from the doctor's office that they already had my MRI results! So fast! Got to talk to my doctor and she told me they found nothing wrong with my brain, hallelujah!

     Once again, I'm blessed to live in Minnesota, land of the Mayo Clinic and fabulous health services. Because this is where I'm heading next: the National Dizzy & Balance Center (NDBC)!
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