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It was a slow start, with my Nene Thomas eBay auction sitting at $66 for a few days. But this morning was the countdown for the final few hours, and after the fur was done flying, the winning bid was...


     Whoo-hoo! Talk about a profit! I paid $60 including shipping for it back in 2003. Have to admit I'm a little tickled about the outcome.

     After I get the payment, my first bit of squandering will be...(cue drum-roll)


Sponsoring my brother and sister-in-law in the Capitol Walk 2007 to benefit the Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC) of Sacramento. =D Whoo-hoo!


(small aside: It was one of the French guys I e-mailed with last Sunday that took the prize. I'm happy for both of us, since a lot of folks won't ship overseas, and my willingness only worked in my favor =)

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