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Payday Friday, hurrah!

     Happiness is getting to add a new story to my What's cooking... page: a third 'Delarun' spinoff piece. Hopefully I can add a fourth soon as well, but that one is still a bit too nebulous yet.

     Someone on the Windstone Forum put up a link to a webcam in her barn, so we could all help her keep an eye on her pregnant mare. And early Thursday morning, the little colt foal was born. It was quite a treat watching the two-day old little guy scamper around while I was at work today! Those curious can check it out here.

     Happiness is goodies in the mailbox--and today brought another addition for my small but growing 'reminds me of my beloved' sculpture collection. Nice timing too, only 6 days to my 18th anniversary!
Tags: beloved, what's cooking, windstone ed
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