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Shouts · of · Joy

A great Saturday:      Got the idea to make…

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A great Saturday:

     Got the idea to make my own illustrated writing meter, as this late winter/spring hopefully brings the last stretch for my fifth and final Geren book. So today I finished a group of images and got it set up on my bio page. It will be fun shifting between the sleeping, working, and writing images, and hopefully not have to use the 'stuck' one too often!

     A treasure trove in the mail today! Got this package from my mom just STUFFED with delights, like fruitcake and date bread and maple cookies and fudge and candy and...more! Boy will I be having fun this week!

     And my prep-work paid off! I've been trying to get as much done in advance with cleaning and bills and little stuff. Got myself back into book 5 writing this evening (HURRAH!) and the upcoming scenes are likely to devour me whole, so the only things I'll be able to remember are feeding myself and using the toilet. (Good thing I can't write when I'm hungry!) So I'm glad to get that stuff done beforehand and get rolling with book 5 again!
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