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Whoot! Big day today, the 18th anniversary of my first 'meeting' t'DoL, and the half-life mark, as I'll turn 36 in a few months. I'm excited to have reached this point--seemed so far away when I first figured it out years back.

Anyway, I did get my 18th anniversary essay up on my Beginnings page, the subject this year being the 'earlier incarnations' of t'DoL in my younger years before 1993.

I also had to use this post to show off the special memento I got myself for reaching this milestone. Another ring: this one 14k gold with a grey diamond, all thanks to wonderful eBay. Just had to do something with t'DoL's colors, and he definitely deserves diamond. ;)

I'll be doing a giveaway as part of my celebrations as well, but that will get kicked off tomorrow. *pinches herself* Now only two years to the 20th!
Tags: beloved, essays: anniversary, giveaway, photos
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