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A wonderful weekend:

     More Bald Eagles! This time two flying over as I went to check the mail late Saturday afternoon. Wow, makes up for not seeing any last spring.

     It was a blessing to be able to have a Saturday evening church service I could go to as a way to avoid driving on Sunday with the big storm bearing down (it ended up getting delayed anyway). The message was on getting out of debt, and that motivated me to check on how long I've been blessed to not have any: since September 4, 2002. Been a while, thank God!

     A fantastic writing weekend, put on over 7,000 words again between Saturday and Sunday, and will soon have to call a halt because I'm bearing down on the ending sequence and I can't do that before the Florida trip. Finished off chapters 26 AND 27 this weekend--very pleased!
(Monday morning P.S.: Forgot to mention great editing/verbal editing progress with 'Tarlah' as well, as the poor story has been quite forgotten amid all my book 5 frenzy of late. It will be ready soon!)

     And what a treat with the weather as well. Got out to shovel twice today, and the latest stats are that we've had somewhere between 8-10 inches (20-25 cm), and not ended yet! Wonderful to have winter back again! =D
Tags: birds: eagles, book 5: writing, moolah, tarlah
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