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Shouts · of · Joy

Week is going fast...      Happy to have…

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Week is going fast...

     Happy to have had my 2011 word total hit 30,000 with this weekend's progress.

     Had my first appointment at the National Dizzy and Balance Center today. Quite interesting, and even though I haven't felt any symptoms since Saturday, the doctor was able to show in the testing that I am not fully recovered. I go back Thursday morning for some diagnostic therapy work that should prove whether or not it's BPPV. Really quite fascinating.

     It really is quite funny to have the conundrum of being ahead with writing. I'm at a good stopping point with book 5, but there's still two weeks to go before my Florida trip! Yes, I could work on my last *gulp* book 5 map and other art stuff, and interminable editing, but it feels a waste to not do any writing...and I didn't prepare for this! I'm certainly not ready to start on 'Delarun' section 2. Just an amusing dilemma for me. =)
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