Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Treats throughout the day today...

     Got to Target five minutes before it opened at 8 am--but I didn't mind at all, as there was a crow picking up garbage a few feet from my car. Oh, those gorgeous black feathers!

     Nasty hot day today, into the lower 80's, but around noon I was able to get the first part of the cats' outdoor enclosure set up with a lot more ease than last year. (And nobody has escaped yet!)

     Shortly after that, checked my mail to discover a note from Christi with a beautiful flower photo on the front. Lovely treat!

     And then movie and pizza/popcorn night again in the evening. Last night was X-Men III, and tonight was Eragon, and because I had low expectations for both movies, I enjoyed them both more than I expected. The appearance of luscious wings in both didn't hurt at all either...
Tags: birds: other, mail, movies, pets: arun, pets: shado
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