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Recent (or not-that-recent) good stuff:

     Last Wednesday, my first day back at work, I had my annual Performance Appraisal meeting with my boss. That went well...never quite know how a new boss is going to see things. Whoever that superhero was in that review write-up, it can't be me! ;) Hopefully I wasn't too red-faced throughout. (If there's any pay raise, I won't know until May.)

     Finally got my new bookcase assembled on Saturday, after the box sat around since November, ahem. Sure was nice to throw out/reorganize a bunch of stuff, and actually have a tiny bit of space for more books now. Won't last long, I'm sure.

     The set of three medical bills I filled out checks for on Sunday brings my 2011 vertigo-related medical expenses up to $826...not including the forthcoming $200+ bill for the audiology fun I had March 1, and anything beyond that. All this makes me the more grateful that I have medical coverage, and that I get those 'heads-up' mailings from my insurance provider, as it's a lot less stressful checking the mail each day when I'm forewarned of what's coming at me!

     And it was nice to have Dawn back at work today, as she's been out since the day of her surgery, March 10. She was happy with the beach sand from Florida I brought her as well. Now she has some from the Pacific AND Atlantic! =D
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