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     I made it through yesterday's rainy day without any significant flooding! Now it's turned to snow and supposed to be cooler the next few days, so I can put the carpet back and relax for a while. Hurrah!

     The date is set. I requested the week of April 11-15 off work for finishing/celebrating book 5. Would have loved to do it a week earlier, but I need to do reports that week. Still, not too long to wait!

     While I've been at a standstill with writing due to the Florida trip and assorted catching-up, I'm very grateful for the progress I've made in my head. Some bothersome details with an upcoming chapter have been sorted out, and I also had a big reveal in regard to the Geren book sequels, since I was feeling a trifle paralyzed over whether there was supposed to be more foreshadowing at the end of book 5. Hopefully I can get back into writing soon!
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