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Recent blessings:

     Friday morning I got treated to an amazing sunrise while I was waiting for the bus. Just a delight! I like this time of year, when I don't have to wait in the dark or have the sunrise far too early for nice sleep.

     Another Friday treat (besides a paycheck!) was having no vertigo symptoms whatsoever. Very nice to have a clean day!

     Saturday morning I was blessed with a GOOD dream. Good dreams are rare, ones as long as delightful as this one come far less than once a year. What a treat!

     It was nice to be caught up with enough stuff now, taxes and reorganizing and catch-up behind me, so that I could spend hours and hours Saturday working on an art project. Even nicer that it's hardly given me any trouble at all!

     Best of all, got back into the book 5 writing this evening, and had another small detail fall into place while I was looking at my half-completed final map. Here goes the last lap!
Tags: art, book 5: writing, dreams, skyscapes
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