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What a good weekend!

     Friday night I got back into book 5 after not touching it for a few days, and I was very happy to find my energy returning as well. Going two nights in a row during the workweek on my old 7.5 hour sleeping schedule was apparently more than I can handle, with my brain still working overtime in masking my vertigo. So I was glad to get caught up on sleep this weekend, and regain the energy I need for editing and writing.

     I was blessed to wake up at 2 am Saturday after a disturbing dream, because then my brain flipped over into book 5 mode for the rest of the night/morning, and I thought of/remembered a bunch of stuff for the upcoming chapter that I might have slipped up on otherwise.

     It has been a reat treat of late writing in 'sync' with the calendar. What I covered this weekend brought Geren from March 30 to April 5, and the close of book 5 will probably be happening around April 11-12 in our calendar--which is around the time I'll be working on those scenes! So neat! The only thing that doesn't 'fit' is the moon, which insists on being at the 'wrong' phase to match up with where the Sister is for Geren right 'now.'

     Spent half the weekend, or so it felt, whaling away at my 'Among the Roses' art project, and made fabulous progress. Only one crash so far too!

     And Sunday's three writing sessions brought my tracker past 90% at last!
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