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Payday Friday and ONE DAY LEFT!!!

     The advance celebrations of the biggest finish line of my life started Thursday. Went out to Yarusso's with my coworker Shelley and her husband. Got to finally use the coupon I received at the January blood drive toward the lunch buffet there, and then Shelley paid for the rest of it. Talk about a fabulously delicious, tremendously oversized free lunch! Very kind of her to help in celebrating my big upcoming week off! =D

     And last night I finished the very last book 5 map (though I haven't put it up on Map Mania quite yet). It feels quite strange.

     Thursday was the day I finally got done with all the patch renders for my 'Among the Roses' project. Well, at least the big ones that take 4-8 hours to render are all behind me. It will be nice to be done with waiting and get back into it again!

     And a nice start into chapter 30 last evening as well. Hopefully I can restrain myself and not write in it at work! =D ONE DAY LEFT, ONE DAY LEFT, ONE DAY LEFT, ONE DAY LEFT!!!
Tags: art, book 5: other, book 5: writing, job: coworkers, mapmaking, yarussos
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