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     Exceedingly grateful for a prayer request answered, with a big plot hole filled. What a blessing to have it the day I had to have it without getting stuck. I was afraid I might spend days proverbially banging my head against the wall, but I was blessed with inspiration, thank God!
((This one has been hanging over me for quite a while, as well. Back in the 4-5 years of struggling through book 4, I had more than enough on my plate, so whenever I thought about that particular plot hole, I tried to ignore it, or pretend it wasn't there--stick my head in the sand, so to speak. After finishing book 4, I began to realize just how intolerable it would be to just ignore said plot hole. But I couldn't figure out how to make it work amid scenes that have been in my head for so long. But I knew I couldn't push it under the rug, so I added a scene in the middle of book 5 to bring it up directly as a way of 'burning my bridges.' Very glad I got the solution I needed, just when I needed it! =D ))

     On the more frivolous front, also glad for more celebratory goodies. Since I had an apheresis donation scheduled for this morning (and failed again, sigh), I was just a mile from the wonderful Taco House. So I got to treat myself to their fantastic cheese enchiladas with chips and fresh guacamole, while watching my Netflix dvd, which was 'The Knowing.' And that has instantly made a space for itself among at least my top 20 movies. (Anyone who designs a spaceship based off Ezekiel's vision of the living creatures and those strange wheels totally ROCKS!) What a double treat!
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